Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Birds!!!!

I love Spring in our yard!!! We are always finding fun little animals! Kennedy has always loved searching for bugs. She has several bug catching containers! Last week we found a tiny frog! But is soon hopped its way out of her bug catcher! We have even caught sight of a few lizards!

This weekend we found 2 teeny baby birds. They must have fallen from their nest...they barely had feathers and their eyes were still closed. I felt horrible for them. I was pretty sure their mother was not coming back for them. Kennedy wanted to call Papa Doug because, of course, he know everything about animals! She was hoping we could feed them and nurse them. But of course they were too tiny. Only their mama could take care of them. And unfortunately she never came back. But you can see their cute little photos here!!!

I am sure we will have more animal adventures to share over the next few months! So stay tuned!!!!

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