Monday, May 3, 2010


So I majorly stink at getting my Photo a Day pictures up! Oh well. I guess the whole point is just to document our lives, right? I don't have to BLOG it all, right? As long as I scrapbook some of it I am ok, right?! I will just go with that!

So here is about a week and a half worth of my photo a day pictures. They range from
mid-April to the 25th I believe! ;)


Memaw's birthday party!!!! Getting ready to blow out the candles!!!!! (don't mind the open garbage can in the background. yuck.)

Awesome baby shower cake that Shelly got for Angie! I can't wait to meet Baby Zoe!!!!

A super fun playdate! Well, really it was a birthday coffee for the moms and the kids benefited as well! Gotta love dress up!!!

Papa Lou came to watch soccer!

Kennedy showing off her ouchie. At the dog park Copper was chasing a ball and ran right into her! She had to show everyone how BIG the scab was!!!!

Kennedy made Memaw her very own birthday cake! She picked out the cake, frosting and toppings!!! Hmmm....lots of sprinkles and Swedish Fish. Interesting.

Another playdate - this time with friend Micah!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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  1. Hi here is what you need to do. Remove the picture, then make sure "shrink to fit" is checked and reload the picture again. It will work after that.



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