Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Reveal & Winner!

We had our appointment this morning!!! We put Kennedy in her "Big Sister" t-shirt and brought her along. Today we were at the perinatalogists office and we saw a doctor we hadn't seen before. To say she had no bedside manner was an understatement! BUT, we got the news we were hoping for! The baby is looking perfectly healthy! Praise God! We are so thankful for that report! After the appointment I took Kennedy to get some balloons! And I attempted to get her photo with the balloons to send to all our family and friends via phone. But it was so darn windy I didn't have much luck! The best photo ended up being one we took in the car! So are you ready for the answer?! Boy or Girl? Take a look!!!

We are all very excited!!!!!

Now I know you all want to know who the winner is!!!!
It is obviously a GIRL and the heartrate was 153!!!!!

Blogger Susan said...

Trying again without typos! LOL!

I am so happy for you!! Congratulations! My prayer is for a healthy, happy baby...but my guess is a girl with a heartrate of 152.

SO happy for you!!!


8:02 AM

Congrats Susan!!!! Send me a PM with your address on one of the scrappy sites and I will get your goodies out to you!!!!!!!


  1. Oh yay! Another girl! How exciting! :) Congratulations Danielle!

  2. Ohhh goodness gracious! That is amazing! What a perfect day... a blessed day :) Sooo thrilled for you, Danielle! Now let the girly name pickin' begin!

  3. big hugs and congratulations danielle to you and your family!!! as a mommy to two girls, you'll have your hands full of love and tears! oh, so happy for you!


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