Sunday, April 18, 2010


April is halfway over and I have only posted once! AACK! But no worries! The photos are all on my computer!!!

I am going to attempt to continue my Photo A Day! Attempt, mind you! So I will back up a week and show you what we have been up to!

Playing with an awesome puzzle activity set Cousin Kay sent for her birthday!

The aftermath of a playdate!!!!!

Kennedy's Awana craft. Our verse was "Obey your parents in the Lord" Eph. 6:1. We talked about how David obeyed his Father by taking food and supplies to his brothers on the battlefield. What if he hadn't obeyed his father?! David may not have slain the Giant Goliath! The kids put Goliath's face on a cup, then strung string through it with a cotton ball on the end. When they swiveled the cup, the ball would hit Goliath's face! And Kennedy colored Goliath red "because he is bloody" she explained!

Just loving on her best doggie friend!!!!

New haircut!!!!!

I will be back later this week! Its a promise! I have tons of photos to share (and edit!)

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