Monday, January 18, 2010

Soooo Behind!!!!!

Yes, I am behind. No, I haven't quit!!!! I am stilling taking my photo a day! I just haven't had time to upload daily!!!! So this post is a quick recap of the last few days!!!

Today 1/18
Kennedy started back at dance class...hence the leotard. She also was playing teacher with me. I guess teachers put pencils in their mouths???

Sunday 1/17
Kennedy had homework - and she loves it! It was the Dora Bag this time! This was her journal entry - didn't she do a good job drawing Dora?!

Saturday 1/16
This is kind of a cheater day! I did take a few photos but spent most of the day scrapbooking at a crop! So this photo was taken by Jeff. They went ice skating and she says "It was a blast!!!"

Friday 1-15
Just a normal day. Kennedy being cute! Notice the strawberry jelly all over her cheeks!!!!

Thursday 1/14
Kennedy tried out her Easy Bake oven for the first time!!! Just a word of advice - don't use an energy efficient light bulb! I wasn't thinking and put one in her oven. After an hour the cake still wasn't done!! Oops!!! But she still enjoyed it! This photo is of her inserting the cake into the oven!

Wednesday 1/13
We had a play date with some friends at a community center today. Always a fun time!!!
Hopefully this week I can keep up better!!! I have other things to share as well!!! ;) Check back tomorrow!


  1. Glad you are back! Love the Easy Bake Oven picture.

  2. Good to see you back! Great pictures! The Easy Bake oven one and the jelly face are both TDF cute!

  3. Great pics!! I just posted a week's worth also!

  4. Do you have any cute pics of Brooke from that day??


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