Thursday, January 7, 2010

Qs with Kennedy & photos!

Photos A Day
Jan 6 & 7

Jan 6
These are the photos from yesterday. Brrr.....more cold and snow!! This is what the deck looked like in the afternoon....we got more snow all night so today there was more!!!!

Jan 7
Today was supposed to be the first day back at school for Kennedy. But school was canceled. And it is again tomorrow. The snow looks so inviting...but it is bitterly cold. Bummer.

We tried a new twist on Jello! While in Iowa last weekend, Lindsay had served us some super cool, layered Jello! We decided to try it. It didn't work out NEARLY as well as hers! But it was still fun! And yummy to eat!


It has been awhile since I asked Kennedy some random questions, so we decided to try some again tonight!!!

Who is the best singer you know?

Kennedy: you!

Me: Me?

Kennedy: Yeah, you’re the best singer mommy.


Why does it snow?

Kennedy: because it just has to. Is that it?


Where was I born?

Kennedy: In Iowa.

Me: Yes! Do you want to guess the town?

Kennedy: I’m gonna try to guess it. Hmm…I forgot.


What do dogs dream about?

Kennedy: Running.

Me: Anything else?

Kennedy: Running away!!!

Me: (bust out laughing)


*Now it is Kennedy's turn to ask me!*

Do you know what dogs love to eat?

Me: Yes. They love meat!


And finally, some photos of silly Copper in the snow!!!!!


  1. Questions with Kennedy is adorable! And I love the Copper photos. Looks like he is really enjoying the snow!

  2. I love the idea of questions with Kennedy (love her name by the way). I'm going to have to borrow that idea :).

  3. way CUTE!
    kennedys answers are A-dorable!
    enjoy the snow.. or not.. brrrrr... :p

  4. I love "questions with Kennedy"! So cute!

  5. OH my GOSH!! Your doggie shots are incredible!!!!!!!

  6. LOVE the pictures... especially the pooch... soo soo cute! :)


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