Saturday, January 30, 2010

January's End

Can you believe the month is almost gone?! I am so glad I have been photographing it will be so fun to look back in 4 months and remember what we did!!!

Kennedy posed for a photo! Grandma Lori gave Kennedy this sweater for Christmas so we wanted to show her how it looks! Sorry about the clashing hairbows Mom!

But the day ended sadly for Miss K. She fell off the kitchen chair and smacked her lip on the hardwood floor. It swelled right up...but she got a popsicle to help. This morning it was back to normal!

I almost forgot to take a photo this day! So I snapped this one! Jeff and I love to watch 24! But we forgot to DVR a few episodes. So we watch it thru the computer onto the TV. ;)

I scrapbooked today! Created a layout for The Sampler that I can't share fully!!!

Enjoy the end of your January everyone!!!!!


  1. Although I can't see the entire layout, it looks great.

  2. Cute outfit! Sorry about the hurt lip. Glad it wasn't anything serious!


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