Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

This year's halloween was likely the best one since Kennedy was born! The weather was so nice! We didn't need winter coats!!! ;)

Kennedy asked to be a cat this year and picked out a very modest and sensible costume. I was thinking of something a bit more...flashy...or fancy! But Kennedy picked out this one - and I must say - it is cuter than anything I would have chosen!

She opted for no tail and no collar. And I think she is stinkin' adorable!

Before her cousins arrived, she and I went to a Truck or Treat at a church near us. It was so cute! They had their vehicles parked in a circle with the trunks facing inward. They deocrated they trunks in fun themes and we walked from trunk to trunk! Great fun!

Once cousins Logan and Elijah arrived we headed out! We got a head start on most kids - it was still light out and not too cold!

There were a few minor meltdowns during the trip...but nothing major. They all wanted to run from house to house but they all wanted to be the FIRST one there! LOL!

All three of them had a fabulous time and got tons of goodies!!!!

And yes, I have the cutest cat in town!!!!

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