Thursday, October 1, 2009

Short Answers Take 6!!!!!

Time for Short Answers again!!!!!

What is your most cherished memory?

Kennedy: What does cherished mean?

me: Your most special one.

Kennedy: The toys that I don't want to share that are really new.
me: A memory is something you remember. What is the most special thing that happened to you that you remember?

Kennedy: Um, It is STARBUCKS!!!!!

How old is Mom?

Kennedy: 31!!!

Do you like the sun or snow better?

Kennedy: Both of them. I like both of them.

me: If it could be snowing right now or sunny right now, which would you like?

Kennedy: Um, a little bit snowing.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Kennedy: I would want to fly.
me: Why?

Kennedy: Cause I would want to go up in the sky.

me: What would you do up there?

Kennedy: I would talk to God. I would fly up to God and say "When I am sca
red can you please be with me?"
me: Cool!

Where do Norwegians live?

Kennedy: What are Norwegians?

me: They are people.

Kennedy: Oh! In houses!!!

What is your favorite toy?

Kennedy: My new toys.

Me: Which ones are those?

Kennedy: Just, I don't know.

Me: Could you go get it for me
right now?
Kennedy: Just my new ones! And there is lots of my new toys!

What size shoe does Daddy wear?

Kennedy: I don't know.

Me: Can you guess?

Kennedy: What about you give me a little hint, Mom!
Me: It is bigger than 10.

Kennedy: 11?
Me: Good guess!

Kennedy: How about you say it like this: "wha..wha... just part of the name."

Me: twe..twe...
Kennedy: 12!!!!!!!


  1. So funny! These will make some great scrapbook pages!

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    THANKS! and Congrats!
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground


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