Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Secret Garden - August

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This month we are talking about our babies bedrooms and their belongings.

If you created a bedroom for your baby tell us what it was like.
Sam's bedroom was going to be Kennedy's old nursery. He was due in March, so we moved Kennedy out of the nursery and into a big girl room in January. We didn't know if Sam was going to be a girl or boy, and we hadn't known with Kennedy either. We did the room in greens and yellows to keep it neutral. We kept the same crib, furniture and bedding. We did inherit a wonderful changing table with awesome storage under it from Jeff's sister, Kate. So we had to rearrange furniture a bit. But other than that it was almost exactly the same as it was for Kennedy. We did take Kennedy's name off the wall and were planning on replacing it with our new baby's name.

Did you have it ready for them before they were born?
The room was completely ready! I had a few sleepers that were white and cream that could work for both genders - they were washed and ready. The basinette was set up in our bedroom with fresh sheets. The baby bouncers were out and ready. The Boppy, the blankies, the bottles, the diapers, the wipes, the swing....they were all ready. The carseat was installed in the van and ready to carry home our precious cargo.

If so how did you cope coming home to it without your baby?
We were so very, very blessed to not HAVE to come home to it. My father and his wife were staying at our home with Kennedy. That had always been the plan. So, while I recovered from the c-section in the hospital, they put it all away. The took apart the swing, placed most of the baby items into the nursery, and then shut the door. I was so thankful to not have to look at it when we got home.

Did you pack it all away?
For about a year, it all just stayed in the nursery. I had two pregnant friends that had babies in May of this year and I lent them most of the bigger items like the carseat, basinette, bouncers, etc. The nursery kind of became a storage room - the door stayed closed always. Just recently I cleaned most of it up and packed most everything away.

What is your baby's room now?
The nursery is still a nursery...the furniture is all in its place. But I also store Kennedy's clothes in there - and anyone who knows me well knows that she has lots!!

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  1. I am so sorry that you were not able to bring your sweet baby home with you. I think you are very lucky to have family who could come home and pack things away, Peyton's nursery has remained the same as the day she died, I have never had the courage to go in there and pack it up. Thank you for sharing.


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