Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CMH Butterfly Release

I am finally getting around to posting about the butterfly release at the Children's Mercy Memorial Service. I loved doing it last year and was really looking foward to it this year too!
After the service, everyone gets a butterfly in a box. We all go outside, a prayer is said, we all open our boxes, say our child's name and watch the butterflies flit around and eventually fly away. It is quite a breathtaking sight!
Last year, my butterfly didn't want to go...."he" hung around and sat on my shoulder for a bit before leaving! I remember my friend, Sally, saying "Look! Sam doesn't want to leave you!"
Well, this year something special happened as well! Jeff opened his box first and I tried to get photos (which didn't turn out so well....). The lil butterfly flitted in front of him for a second and flew away. I handed the camera to Jeff and opened my box. But my butterfly didn't move. It was happy to just sit on the box and take in the view! After a minute I tried to nudge it to fly and it fell to the ground. At first I was horrified, but then decided this was Sam telling me something again. :)

I scooped it up into my hand as gently as possible and tried to put it in the box again...but it fell another time. So I gently scooped it up again and Jeff held it for awhile. We tried multiple times to coax it to fly but decided maybe it was injured. We placed it back in the box and decided to tak it home with us.
As we were leaving, the staff was handing out extra butterflies, so we grabbed another box to take home to Kennedy!
Kennedy loved it so much!!!! She opened the box slowly and peeked at it! Then she opened it completely and it didn't fly away, so she put it on her finger!
It stayed a minute or so and flew away.
Then we told her about "my" butterfly. We took this one to the front yard. She knew to be extra extra gentle as it was likely injured. Kennedy just loved on this little butterfly. It would never fly away so she carried it around the front porch. She thought the rose bushes would be a good home for it and tried to put it on the leaves.
Then she changed her mind and wanted to put it in the potted plant by the front door. Then changed her mind again. I think she just wanted to hold it as long as she could!!! She was so precious - caring for it and being so soft!

Finally we put it deep in the branches of the potted plant on our porch and let it be. We checked on it again before bedtime and it was still there.

By the next morning, it was gone. I choose to believe it decided to come home with us, give all three of us great joy, and then fly away.....

Psalm 126:5 Those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy.

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