Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So We Don't Forget

On Lynette Kraft's Blog, she has replaced Wednesday's Walk with So We Don't Forget. I have always wanted to play along with this! So this week is my first chance!
Our topic this week is School Memories...

I am going to share a memory from junior high - it seems fitting as I am doing a long term substitute right now in a junior high! Well..our middle school building was very old and only had one gym that was suitable for practicing sports. So during basketball season the girls and boys teams would have to take turns practicing. One team would use the gym while the other was in the study hall doing school work. I think this must have been 7th grade because I don't remember playing basketball in 8th grade. Either way, on this day it was the girls' turn to go to study hall after school until the boys were done in the gym.

Well, for whatever reason, my friend Melissa and I decided to "sneak" out of the study hall. (FYI - I was so NOT a rebel!). We went downstairs to the gym doors and peeked through to watch the boys. We were likely scoping out our crushes! I honestly can't even remember who those boys would have been - my memory is getting bad! Well, Coach Bayse saw us and started running after us!!!! He was fairly old and had a slight limp so you would think we would have been able to out run him! But nooooooo.....remember how in teh alte 80s SUPER SUPER tight jeans were the ONLY cool jeans to wear?! Well, we both had on super tight jeans - the kind that are like painted on! And we couldn't run very well - we couldn't bend our hips and knees fast enough! So he caught up to us at the first flight of stairs! I was so scared we were in big trouble! But he just asked us not to leave the study hall again - then he went back to practice.

I was such a good girl I rarely got in trouble - I was always called the Goody Too Shoes! That was about enough taste of "trouble" for me to keep following the rules! I know, I know....what a rule follower!!!! But that memory just makes me laugh because of our REALLY TIGHT jeans!!!

Alright, thats all for today! Have a blessed day!


  1. Hi, jumped over from Lynette's blog. Oh boy, I'm so glad I didn't wear tight jeans. I was really into India print material and jean skirts (High School in the 70's). I couldn't run that fast in the long skirt, but I was a rebel and I do remember outrunning some teacher through the back of the football field (only because we were trying to cut school and he was chasing us also!). We escaped through the fence, but never left school that way again. I forgot all about that until I read your blog. Gee, thanks for the memory!

    The Tender Scribe

  2. I am a rule follower! :) this was a fun post.

  3. Oh you naughty little girlie! JK

    I had to laugh at this as I pictured the teacher with the limp chasing you girls in your skin tight jeans. Did you have to lie down on the bed to zip up those tight jeans? I did! (smile)

    Oh the silly things we did!

    Thanks for sharing this memory.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. Hey, I remember those painted on jeans! I was in 9th grade when they were 'in'. Yeah, I could barely walk in them, let alone RUN! ha ha!!!

    You poor thing! Being a good girl, that must have scared you to death! I was a 'good girl' too and one time I remember getting suspended from cheerleading because we lost track of time during half time and weren't back to cheer in time. I felt completely mistreated and was utterly shocked that I, yes I, got in trouble. (and I was mortified!)

    This was a fun post. :)
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground


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