Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pies & Papas!

The last few weekends had consisted of good, quality family time. Jeff's Grandpa Hank has been visiting for the past month or so. We have gotten to spend a lot of time with him! Also, Kennedy's cousins from New Jersey were here for a visit! I think this time she is old enough that she will remember them whenever they get to visit next!
Two weekends ago the weather was warm! Still felt summery! We got out the sprinkler for Kennedy!!!

This weekend it felt like the beginnings of fall! Fall is my favorite season by far! I cannot wait for the leaves to start turning! I got to break out some of Kennedy's more fallish wardrobe! So she modeled this little outfit she wore to church yesterday!
One Friday night we met up with Papa Lou, Papa Henry and Aunt Barbie for pizza! YUM! We had been playing princess party before we left and Kennedy insisted on keeping her jewels on!!! So here she is posing with her Papa Lou and her Great Papa Henry!!!!

Then this Friday we went out to eat again! ;) We met at Chili's and I must say, I am just never impressed with their food. In fact, I hardly ate any of mine because it was gross. So I don't see us going back there anytime soon. :(
But Kennedy enjoyed her corn! Two weekends ago something CrAzY got into me! I baked TWO pies! They were only the 2nd and 3rd pies I had ever cooked in my entire life!!!! So don't laugh at how silly they look! I defintely need to work on the crusts! But hey - they still tasted yummy!!!
Homemade blueberry pie

Homemade peach pie
Thanks for taking a peek at our life as of late!
God bless!

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